Happy Easter! Here’s a Lenin statue disguised as Easter bunny.

First of all, why on earth is there a Lenin statue in Seattle?

Welcome in Fremont, a Northern neighbourhood of Seattle, described by Lonely Planet as “long known for its wry contrarianism” and “does bizarre like the rest of the world does normal”.

There are art installations scattered all over Fremont, and Lenin is one of them. The ingenuous local artists like to decorate some of the statues in celebration of every occasion, hence the bunny ears today – what little regard to the dignity of a dead dictator like Lenin!

It is a real Lenin statue, made of bronze in Slovakia in the 1980s.

Wait – how and why did a 7-ton bronze Lenin statue travel all the way to Seattle, Pacific West? Well, that’s quite a story, and it’s all explained in the storytelling stand by the statue.

In a nutshell: the statue was rescued and brought to America to save it from being destroyed, a gesture primarily motivated by its great value as piece of political art.

Indeed: seen from the front, this looks like just another Soviet-compliant statue which exhibits all the standard Lenin statue traits. But look at the back, and you will see that Lenin arises from a savage scene of guns and flames.

The sculptor, while fulfilling the requirements of his state commission, was nevertheless able to express his vision of Lenin as a violent Revolutionary, not just as an intellectual and theoretician.

Proletarians of all countries, happy Easter!


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