The perfect Monday morning ska song

I propose to start every new week with a song that takes us somewhere in the world.

Today we are travelling back to the Catalunya of the 1990s with a ska song from Discípulos de Otilia performed in English.

I’ve known this song for many, many years, and it is my go-to song when I need a bit of morning power. I’m clearly not a morning person, but today I am facing a massive jetlag and woke up at 4 am.

There’s not much more I know about the band, Discípulos de Otilia. They’re a ska band from the pre-Internet ages, testified by their Myspace account that’s still existing, although the band is not active anymore.

Hopefully this sound can power me through the day today!

Have a great week!

This post is part of a weekly event called The Monday Travel song. You can participate, too, by doing the following:

  • Create your own post every Monday and title it The Monday travel song: xxx by xxx
  • Include a link to a song (YouTube link or other)
  • It must be a song which is linked to a geography. For example, a Russian song, a Chinese song, a Scottish song… (it can be from your own country every now and then, but remember the purpose is to get others to virtually travel!)
  • Your post doesn’t have to be long, but do tell us a little bit about the song… for example by telling about the lyrics, about the composer, about the style…
  • Include a link to my own Monday travel song in your post tag it “Monday-travel-song” so others can find it too

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