Posing with the ladies in Iran

This week, Ailsa‘s photo challenge theme is Women.

When I was travelling in Iran, as opposed to most travelling Westerners who just wear a small scarf, I decided to try wearing the real Iranian-style headscarf.

It turned out a fantastic idea. It was so incongruous for them to see a Westerner with the Iranian scarf that most women couldn’t stop laughing at me! They were also teasing me because I didn’t manage to wear it properly.

This group of local ladies in Esfahan (Ispahan) insisted on having their photo with me!

Thanks to this styling choice, I received a lot of attention and smiles from local women, and some insisted in taking pictures with me.

A fabulous ice breaker!

Click here read more about what I enjoyed so much about travelling in Iran, and I hope you will be tempted to visit this beautiful country, too!


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