Captain Kim’s last dance

R.I.P. Captain Kim. Our charismatic and multi talented guide in North Korea, whose portrait I painted some time ago, passed away.

I was so impressed by him and his intelligence. I have huge respect for skilled people and he was clearly one of them.

North Korea - 249 - party dance
Captain Kim and me, sharing a dance at the celebrations of the Party Foundation day.

During the time we spent in North Korea, he was caring for us, from a logistics and security perspective, and was always going above and beyond for us. One morning when I slept over because I’d drunk too much the night before, he woke me up and gave me a take-away breakfast so I could eat it on the bus.

I will always remember his emotion when I gave him my Big Ben key ring – he had always been dreaming to visit London and always known that would never happen.

Bye Kim, it’s been great knowing you, you have been one of these incredible characters I have met that make life worth living.


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