Puddle splashers in big cars

Panic in North London: a serial puddle splasher has been reported! An idiot driving a 4×4 who deliberately drives around soaking people every time it rains – and we are in London.

This actually reminds me of an unbelievable spring day I spent in Volgograd (ex-Stalingrad), when I was soaked at least twenty five times on a same, covered with puddles, bridge.

It all happened on that bridge that takes you across the railways behind the train station – as you can see on Google Earth below, on a sunny dry day albeit.

volgograd bridge

As the bridge’s surface was flooded with water, every car driving a bit too fast was projecting huge splashes onto the pedestrian pavement at the side, soaking whoever was unfortunate enough to be walking there.

Funnily, every old Soviet car or small European engine were considerate enough to slow down and hardly splashed anyone; whilst every big German car and 4×4 seemed to make fun at creating the highest splashes possible.

The best (or worst) was a BMW 4×4 that succeeded to get the splash so high that, as I furtively crouched on my knees, I managed to avoid the water slipping just above my head.

But all other big cars hit me and I was all soaked, from hair to toe, as if I had just come out of the shower, practising with much gusto the little I know about Russian swearwords.

Maybe the North London serial splasher comes from Volgograd? I wouldn’t be surprised.


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