Humour where you may not expect it

Three examples of jokes heard during recent travels:

In dictator Ceaușescu’s Romania

After a visit to North Korea, Nicolae Ceaușescu’s delusions of grandeur went out of proportions and he decided to erase a whole part of Bucharest to build the world’s largest avenue to lead to the world’s largest building.

A joke says that Ceaușescu was in his office, a large map of the city on a table, using a metal stick to show the architects which neighbourhoods were to be destroyed.

Then a fly entered through the window… Ceaușescu chased it with his metal stick… to the left… to the right… and that’s how Bucharest ended up completely demolished!

In Cuba

Summer holiday, I am sitting on the beach with a few beers and chatting with locals. They ask me to explain why I live in England whereas I’m French. I tell them: “In the European Union, we are free to live where we want”.

Someone laughs and answers: “In Cuba, too! We live where we want: in the street, under a bridge…”

In North Korea

Two soldiers are having a break, smoking a cigarette. One notices that what the other is smoking is an American brand! He asks: “Aren’t you ashamed that you smoke a cigarette from the enemy?”

“It’s American; I’m not smoking it, I’m burning it!”


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