Propaganda at its best (5): leaving the destroyed untouched

Leaving the destroyed intact as a proof of how much we suffered from the cruelty of an enemy: a classic propaganda trick. Four examples from around the world:

In Belarus, some damage is still visible on the Brest Fortress, where the Nazis launched the Barbarossa operation in June 1941 and violated the non-mutual aggression treaty with the Soviet Union:


In Volgograd (ex-Stalingrad), the ruins of the Grudinina Mill, the only building left in Stalingrad after the bombings, were left untouched “as a monument to courage and heroism of the Soviet Union“.

2012 05 Volga - 138 - Volgograd

In Cuba, the Museo de la Revolución used to be Batista’s presidential palace that a group of young revolutionaries assaulted in 1957. The marks of the bullets in the stairs have been kept since then.DSCN6739

And finally in Ireland, who is celebrating this spring the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising against British occupation, you can still witness the scars of the fight on the Royal College of Surgeons.



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