Travel theme: pollution protection masks in China

This week, Ailsa‘s photo challenge theme is Masks.

If you have travelled in China, you will have seen them; and you will also if you have seen Chinese people travelling in the world: the masks many of them wear to protect themselves from the deadly pollution that ravages the country with the largest population on earth.

There are some sophisticated models out there, but most people wear rather modest masks. Here is a snapshot of some of those I saw in 2007, when the phenomenon was still new to me.

In the streets of Beijing (June 2007)
Cleaning the pavement in Dunhuang (June 2007)
Two ladies in Golmud, last train stop en route to Tibet (June 2007).
I’ve posted these two Tibetan ladies already once on a Hats theme, but note how one of them also wears a mask (Lhasa, June 2007)
Chilling under a tree in Tibet… (June 2007)

Are we finally going to do something against air pollution or will we all end up wearing those everywhere on the planet?

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