The Monday travel song: Blizzard by Fauve

I propose to start every new week with a song that takes us somewhere in the world.

I have spent the weekend with French friends and one of them made me listen to this song from a collective named Fauve that I had never heard before.

I enjoyed the text very much so decided to share it today.

An overview of the lyrics (for the full text click here)

Tu nous entends le Blizzard? Tu nous entends?
Si tu nous entends, va te faire enculer.
Tu pensais que t’allais nous avoir hein?
Tu croyais qu’on avait rien vu?
Surprise connard!

Tu nous entends la Honte? Tu nous entends?
Si tu nous entends fais gaffe
quand tu rentres chez toi seule le soir,
on pourrait avoir envie de t’refaire
la mâchoire avec des objets en métal,
ou d’te laver la tête avec du plomb,
qu’est ce que t’en dis?

Tu nous entends la tristesse? Tu nous entends?
Si tu nous entends, c’est que toi aussi
tu vas bientôt faire ton sac,
prendre la première à gauche, deuxième à droite,
puis encore à gauche puis aller niquer ta race.
Félicitations! Bravo!

Tu nous entends la Mort? Tu nous entends?
Si tu nous entends sache que tu nous fais pas peur,
tu peux tirer tout ce que tu veux,
on avance quand même, tu pourras pas nous arrêter,
et on laissera personne derrière,
on laissera personne se faire éliminer.
Tout ça c’est fini!

An attempt of translation:

Do you hear us Blizzard? Do you hear us?
If you do, go fuck yourself.
You thought you were going to screw us, didn’t you?
You thought we hadn’t noticed anything?
Surprise! Asshole.

Do you hear us Shame? Do you hear us?
If you do, watch out
When you come home alone at night,
We may be tempted to reshape
Your jaws with metal objects,
Or wash your head with a plumb,
How about that?

Do you hear us Sadness? Do you hear us?
If you do, it’s because you too
Will soon be packing.
Will take the first left, the second right,
Then again left then go screw yourself.
Congratulations! Well done!

Do you hear us Death? Do you hear us?
If you do, be aware that we’re not afraid of you,
you can try as much as you can,
We’re moving ahead anyway, you won’t stop us.
And we won’t leave anyone behind,
We won’t let anyone disappear,
We are done with it!

Have a great week!

This post is part of a weekly event called The Monday Travel song. You can participate, too, by doing the following:

  • Create your own post every Monday and title it The Monday travel song: xxx by xxx
  • Include a link to a song (YouTube link or other)
  • It must be a song which is linked to a geography. For example, a Russian song, a Chinese song, a Scottish song… (it can be from your own country every now and then, but remember the purpose is to get others to virtually travel!)
  • Your post doesn’t have to be long, but do tell us a little bit about the song… for example by telling about the lyrics, about the composer, about the style…
  • Include a link to my own Monday travel song in your post tag it “Monday-travel-song” so others can find it too

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