Travel theme: the Shanghai skyline

This week, Ailsa‘s photo challenge theme is Future.

The Jin Mao tower, 382 meter high, used to be the tallest skyscraper of Shanghai.

Then, just next to it, they built the Shanghai World Financial Centre: 492 meter high. Designed by the Japanese, it was supposed to have an open circular shape at the top, however this reminded too much of the Japanese flag – not the most exciting symbol in China…! So the shape was replaced by a square, which makes the building now look like a bottle opener.

Then, just next to it, they built the Shanghai Tower: 632 meter high…!

When will this stop?

001 SH pano skyline
The skyline in April 2012. The bottle opener was still the tallest building.
004 Em from top
From the top of the bottle opener – the Jin Mao tower looks quite small, and yet it used to be the tallest!
008 3rd skyscrapers
In April 2012, the building works of the Shanghai tower had started, you can see the base here.

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