A major decrease of my 2015 bill to nature

It is that time of the year when I look back at the travels accomplished during the year, not just to day dream of how beautiful it was, but also to calculate how many tonnes of CO2 my air travel has emitted.

In 2014, I had been very naughty with a lot of intercontinental travel for work, hence a 144 British pounds bill to pay to offset all the dirt I had caused. This year, I have been less lucky at work; but I also have privileged smaller distances wherever possible, enabling me to use the train or my car more: I have been a lot in Paris this year but also visited Nottingham, Brighton, Cambridge, …

So in 2015, it looks like my air travel has emitted 8,63 tonnes, that I can offset for 64,61 pounds. And since I’ve been using the Eurostar train about 8 times this year (and I still don’t have the Frequent Traveller status! What do you need to get it?) I’ve added a bit to it.

This year again, my charity of choice is Climate Care who will use the 81 British pounds I just gave it in projects that cut CO2 emissions and improve people’s lives, such as protecting forests, providing safe water, and powering lives with clean energy.

And you, how did you reflect on your lifestyle’s footprint and what did you decide to do about it this year?


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