Red Vs Blue: the Tehran derby

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Fandom

It was the end of the summer holiday, in the traffic jams, on the road from the Caspian sea back to Tehran. From every car’s window, people were holding either blue or red objects of all kinds like trophies. Sometimes, different people from a same car were holding different colours.

There were bottles (Coke for the red, water for the blue), scarves and other pieces of fabric, flowers, papers. People were smiling, waving at each other – there was such intensely friendly vibe going on, and I was puzzled. What was this all about?

Turns out, it was the day of the Tehran derby, when two football clubs from Tehran, Esteghlal (blue) and Persepolis (red), play against each other! And everyone was displaying the colour they supported.

Iran 264 - Caspian to Tehran

Iran 265 - Caspian to Tehran

Iran 266 - Caspian to Tehran

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