Travel theme: Fabrics and dresses in modern-day Uzbekistan

This week, Ailsa‘s photo challenge theme is Fabric.

When travelling, I always look around at how people get dressed, and in particular women – the gender that often wants to be elegant but typically is constrained by some society’s beliefs.

How women dress in Uzbekistan is really interesting because Uzbekistan is a combination of Muslim and Soviet heritage background. Muslim typically requires modesty, while Soviet gives you equality.

Uzbekistan is also interesting in terms of fashion because of the weather, very hot in summer and very cold in winter. And probably many other parameters that I am forgetting.

uzbekistan 016 - samarkand
A bunch of local ladies visiting the incredible madrasa of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

This photo is from August 2012. To our Western eyes, the patterns and shapes are very decorative and quite broad; despite me trying to contain that thought, it reminded me of curtains.

And I was wondering: if they wear curtains in summer; do they wear carpets in freezing winter? 🙂



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