The importance of patience in the Highlands

Gairloch, North-West Highlands, Autumn 2015. Comfortably sitting next to the lodge’s fireplace, I am sipping a local beer and hear the barman explain customers the importance of patience when ageing whisky.

A bit later, he asks me if I’m enjoying my trip in the Highlands.

I say:

“The scenery around here is so unbelievable. I would like to see how it changes at every season”.

“You’re absolutely right, you should come at every season”, he tells me.

“Can I come in winter? Isn’t it snowing? Are the roads passable?”

He assures me that winter conditions do not affect traffic. That the mountain tops are covered with snow and it is gorgeous, but there is no issue driving on the roads.

“But I’ve heard that the road from Inverness is sometimes closed in winter time.”

“Oh that one! he says. Yes, you’re right. Sometimes it is closed.”

“So what do you do then, if you can’t pass it?”

“Nothing, you just sit in the car, drink whisky and wait. I told you, you need patience in Scotland!”

Scotland 005
Drinking whisky and admiring such scenery? It shouldn’t be too bad, I reckon. Photo taken in October 2015 on the road between Inverness and Ullapool.

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