The Monday travel song: Paris en colère (angry Paris)

I propose to start every new week with a song that takes us somewhere in the world.

Today I’ve selected the music from Is Paris Burning?, a 1966 film about the liberation of Paris in August 1944.

An overview of the lyrics:

Que l’on touche à la liberté
Et Paris se met en colère
Et Paris commence à gronder
Et le lendemain, c’est la guerre.


On veut être libres
A n’importe quel prix
On veut vivre, vivre, vivre
Vivre libre à Paris.


Just an attempt to freedom
And Paris gets angry
And Paris starts to rumble,
And the next day, it’s war.


We want to be free
No matter what the cost
We want to live, live, live,
Live free in Paris.

In Paris or elsewhere, have a great week!

This post is part of a weekly event called The Monday Travel song. You can participate, too, by doing the following:

  • Create your own post every Monday and title it The Monday travel song: xxx by xxx
  • Include a link to a song (YouTube link or other)
  • It must be a song which is linked to a geography. For example, a Russian song, a Chinese song, a Scottish song… (it can be from your own country every now and then, but remember the purpose is to get others to virtually travel!)
  • Your post doesn’t have to be long, but do tell us a little bit about the song… for example by telling about the lyrics, about the composer, about the style…
  • Include a link to my own Monday travel song in your post tag it “Monday-travel-song” so others can find it too

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