The difference between Horror and Terror

Fuck you, hey terrorist. I won’t play your terror game. This is what I wrote in January 2015, when France, the country I come from, was facing the horror of group massacres in a satirical newspaper’s devastated HQ.

Less than a year later, my blood exploded tonight again. Six simultaneous attacks ravaged Paris. All the people I care so much about are safe, I feel so lucky. But I cannot stop crying and freakishly thinking of what could have happened to them tonight – useless as I am from my British island.

It sucks. Totally.

And yet what else do you want to do now?

If we feel terrorised – then they win. Because that’s what they want, because that’s what serves them.

So we need to keep cold blood and pretend to be uninterested.

I need to be strong. I need to wake up tomorrow with a smile on my face. I need to feel positive energy. I need to think of solutions. I need to have and transmit a good vibe. It will be horribly hard, but it is important.

If we are terrorised, we lose. And we don’t want to lose!

Everything will be OK. With the positivity we need. Yes.



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