I hate autumn!

I like winter!

  • The icy air that you can feel in your lungs
  • The graphic patterns of dead trees, especially in snowy landscapes
  • The cocooning feeling you get when your head is isolated in a hoodie – it’s so quiet
  • The ability to defy the elements and walk around with bare thighs and make every other woman envious – how does she do that and is not cold???
  • How satisfying it is to take refuge inside
  • And to feel your fingers prick when they’re restoring after feeling frozen outside
  • Those long nights near a fireplace at the pub
  • Funny looking Spanish tourists covered in layers and hats, they’ve finally stopped bragging for the year
  • The anticipation of Christmas fun board games nights (why do people play board games only in winter? I love board games all year round!)
  • The hope it will snow, the disappointment it doesn’t
  • How good it feels to wake up still tired and decide to actually stay in bed
St Petersburg 023 Dec 2010
Winter: Icy is pretty. It hurts but it’s worth! Here in St Petersburg in December 2010.

I like spring!

  • The days that are longer and longer
  • The fascinating pagan traditions and symbols of rebirth
  • How everyone feels light-hearted
  • Watching the mama ducks set their eggs and later protect them when I’m coming too close
  • The anticipation of summer
  • The contrast between those who dress safely and suffocate during the day and those who take risks in their outfit and get cold at night
  • All the ladies’ white legs (many of which will do all they can to get brown for a few weeks before getting white again)
  • How nature reminds you that winter has been long because the first sun shines totally burn your skin
  • The first beers on a terrace
  • The hope it will get warm, and the disappointment it doesn’t
  • A horizon that enlarges, as do the tasty vegetables and fruits that become available week after week
CIMG5114 April 2009
Spring: Don’t be embarrassed, enjoy your beer terraced! Here in Strasbourg, April 2009.

I like summer!

  • The warmer weather obviously
  • The long days and the bright light that make me feel so energetic and less sleep-reliant
  • The delightful sensation of fresh air on my bare skin
  • Walking bare feet everywhere, at home, on the plane, in the grass, even in the office, and driving bare feet as well
  • The hope it will get warm and the disappointment it doesn’t
  • The joy of being outside and never shiver
  • Even if it’s raining and I need an umbrella, I’m still outside and don’t shiver, ha!
  • Stubbornly always outside and not shivering
July 2010
Summer: enjoy your beer half naked, the summer is wicked! Here in Latvia, July 2010.

But I hate autumn!

  • The vegetable and fruit offer that becomes scarcer and scarcer day after day (cabbage anyone?)
  • The days that become shorter, one minute shorter every day, and the mood-killing winter time switch of October that finishes you off
  • People who pathetically indulge into spendthrift madness at meaningless events such as Halloween then Christmas
  • The anticipation of the Christmas blackout that makes the workload accumulate ridiculously, just as you feel more tired and less energetic
  • The air’s wetness
  • The viruses that spread around
  • And the friends who have babies call you off because the babies have viruses
  • The impossibility to get dressed appropriately because nobody has invented mid-season waterproof clothes and shoes, so if temperature is fine then you’re wet, or if you’re dry then you’re sweaty as fuck
  • The laundry that can’t get dry and smells
  • The eternal debate whether we should start turning the heating on – no come on let’s wait until November! – yes but I’m cold…!
  • The insane lukewarm atmosphere of British offices as these ones don’t care about the environment and do switch the heating on in September, when it’s actually still warm outside
  • Wasted travel plans spent inside or ruining a camera outside taking bad photos
  • The leaves that fall, demonstrating that it is irremediably the end of the pretty days
  • And these same leaves that become so dangerously slippery when wet!
  • A season called fall by the Americans, can only mean the fall of all the hopes for the year
  • The anticipation it will rain, and the assurance it does
  • The alliteration of raining and crying which works only in French but is so alive in my mind after the poet Verlaine’s verse: It’s crying in my heart as it rains over the city (Il pleure dans mon coeur comme il pleut sur la ville)
24 - istanbul Nov 2011
Autumn: too warm inside too cold outside, too cold with jacket too warm without, bad lighting and bad rhyming. Here in Istanbul, November 2011

Aaaaaaaaah! I hate autumn!


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