The curious blazon of the Isle of Man

It has three legs, interlocked into a spiral. The legs seem trying to run away as fast as they can, down the many hills that cover the island’s surface.

The Isle of Man has a lot of well marked walking trails that invite you to stretch your legs.

The Isle of Man’s blazon can be seen everywhere on the island, proudly exhibited with all its strangeness. It gives you the impression you are visiting an enclave with a bizarre political system, governed by a single party that for some reason chose three legs as their emblem.

A hotel / pub in little harbour Castletown.

Light-touch research says this kind of blazon is called a triskelion; not only does the Isle of Man has one but so does Sicilia, too.


More walking trails. I’d just done fifteen miles and was on my last legs.
Perfectly blue sky over a three-legged house in Peel.
The beach of the island’s capital, Douglas.
Someone did all the legwork to put all these signs.
The climax: this incredible 22m wheel pumps water from a mine North of Douglas; it is the largest wheel of its kind in the world, and proudly displays the 3-leg blazon.

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