Propaganda language at its best (2): how Cuba views the US embargo

The blockade, the largest genocide of History.

I’ve already had the opportunity to mention a few examples where propaganda misuses the concept of genocide – in Bosnia and in Lithuania.

Look at this new case I’ve found recently in Cuba!

Notice the hangman’s knot shape for the letter O! Oh poor Cuba.

Propaganda posters are one of the joys of travelling in not-so-democratic countries, because their language is so hilarious. It is also important to try and understand them, as they say a lot about what the local population believes – for having never heard any other version in their entire life.

In western democracies, propaganda exists as well, however it is more subtle, sneaky. You read the news thinking it’s an independent journalist, you visit a museum thinking it’s the historical truth – but sometimes it’s just the official propaganda you are faced with.

Dictatorships don’t try to do that, they just shout their propaganda loud at you. Right in your face. Everytime and everywhere. That is probably one of the only areas where dictatorships can be seen as the most honest regimes! 😉


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