Propaganda language at its best: a funny example in Cuba

We have thousands of reasons to care for the revolution’s achievements: unity, vigilance in our homes, care for the environment and a better quality of life for all; all reasons that urge us to remain responsible for our health and to be everyday more vigilant against a powerful enemy: …

What powerful enemy: The United States? Poverty? Daesh? Monsanto? Dr Claw?

No: today it is the aedes aegypti, a mosquito that is responsible for the dengue – a disease that Cuba is fighting against in the Eastern part of the country. The authorities have designed an awareness campaign to educate Cubans to take actions to avoid the disease spreading.

This poster, subtitled “Offensive against the enemy”, can be seen pretty much everywhere in the city of Holguin, Cuba. Photo taken in August 2015.

I just love the propaganda jargon that could be used for anything. I wouldn’t even be surprised that the text as copied and pasted from a previous campaign about anything else!

The poster concludes with:

No truce with the enemy!


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