Travel theme: Grey, a beloved colour of Soviet architecture

This week, Ailsa‘s photo challenge theme is Grey.

Grey is one of my favourite colours, it can be so pretty if using in the right way and in the right tones. My cat’s fur is grey and precious, even silver around her little paws.

Grey can be horrific as well, if it is a giant Soviet-era block photographed on a grey-sky winter day. And yet I enjoy travelling and looking for these gems from another era. Here are a few examples:

30 - moscow - douma
The Douma (Parliament) building in Moscow
The Central House of Officers, Minsk, Belarus
089 - arkhangelsk
Lenin Square with Lenin’s statue in Arkhangelsk, North of Russia
020 - st petersburg
The surprising Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics in Saint-Petersburg
2012 05 Volga - 005 - Ulyanovsk 005
The House of Lenin, a memorial to the local-born kid in Ulyanovsk, Russia
uzbekistan 308 - tashkent
Uzbekistan has a reputation for the gorgeous blue tiles Muslim architecture, but its capital Tashkent also has its fair share of Soviet grey beauties.
Sunshine makes the grey less grey. Here the Palace of Republic in Minsk, Belarus that I once wrote about after attending a gig of Goran Bregovic there
025 - st petersburg
National Library in St Petersburg. Chistmas decorations try to make things colourful, but Soviet grey always remains Soviet grey.

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