Selfie sticks, a dangerous threat to mankind (especially in Russia)

Asking someone to take a photo of you in front of a landmark is something of the past (most people take shit photos anyway!). Nowadays, it’s all about the selfie. And it is all professionalised now, with sophisticated selfie sticks available anywhere.

selfie stick 2
One of the selfie shots I wrote about during a tourist-watching session in London

We hear egoism, narcissism, selfitism… Are we sure? Using a selfie stick may actually be the sign of a profound, incurable malaise that leads to suicide – because so many people die in stupid accidents using selfie sticks that it cannot be a coincidence.

To stop the massacre in Russia, the Ministry of Interior launches an awareness campaign to remind citizens that the things around them are not just a background image for their egoistic face, but a real world with dangers.


Vladimir Putin had vowed to reverse Russian population decline, and has finally found the solution!


5 thoughts on “Selfie sticks, a dangerous threat to mankind (especially in Russia)

  1. Yes, only in Russia could they build the selfie craze into so much more than it really is. At the same time though, I think that selfies are just one more excuse man has found to avoid having to talk to his fellow man. Now nobody has to ask a total stranger if they would mind snapping a photo of them. How sad.


    1. I think there is something fundamentally different between a photo (the hero is still the monument, and the photo is a souvenir that I have been there – the photo is quite functional) and a selfie (the selfie is about showing and enhancing myself, the monument becomes just a background, the whole process is very emotional). I have noticed that many times, when I offer tourists (who seem struggling making a selfie) to take a photo, they answer “thanks, but we prefer a selfie”. Couples are particularly fond of selfies – as if their love had more value on a selfie than on a photo taken by someone else!


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