5000 views and 500 likes: a new pat on my blog’s shoulder

I am thrilled: in the past few days, my bog has reached a new milestone with over 5,000 views and 500 likes.

When I started this blog last year in November, I was quite excited but would not know where this would take me.

The feedback I have received, the Blogging trainings I have attended, as well as a better understanding of the rules and guidelines for blogging, have meant that I have adapted some things and will keep doing so. The result is that the blog is not entirely what I had imagined it would be, and that is interesting.

The time I can afford spending on it is very variable and obviously some months have been more prolific than others.

Number of views per country of origin

The most fascinating is to look at the geographical origin of the views in the Stats page: from Columbia to the Philippines via the United Arab Emirates, people really everywhere in the world have read my blog!

The number one origin of my views is the US – but the total views from countries of the European Union is more than its double.

Up to the 10,000 views now?
Edit: turns out this is my 100th post. I am good with round figures!


3 thoughts on “5000 views and 500 likes: a new pat on my blog’s shoulder

  1. Congratulations!
    I started around the same time and received over 1,000 likes and getting close to 5,000 views. I remember asking myself if anyone would ever visit my blog. Safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

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