A postcard from North Korea!

Yes, I am like one of those who love to receive postcards.

And yes, I do occasionally send postcards to myself. It is a great souvenir, and a good way to give myself a pat on the shoulder: “you’ve made it there! Well done Emeline!”.

Today I came across this amusing post from The Happy Hermit about sending a postcard from Montenegro to oneself. He had written great praise for oneself, and realized once home that the character on the stamp was quite disapproving the operation – is it sad to send yourself a postcard?

Most postcards available in North Korea are propaganda posters.

The latest postcard I have sent myself was from North Korea – I could not resist at all the idea of sending myself a tourist card from the most isolated country in the world!

My personal tradition when sending postcards – and I admit that my friends do not all appreciate it to the fullest! – is to write them in local language. Languages are intriguing, alphabets are fascinating, and it is a way for me to share a little bit of the country I am visiting: OK, you won’t be able to read the text, but at least you know about what the alphabet looks like or what the words look like.

I cannot really remember what I used as model for the Korean language that time. For sure it was not a local newspaper, as I was not allowed to get one!

It’s totally irrelevant to understand what I write on my postcards anyway, because most of the time I just copy a few words from a local newspaper, and in some cases it’s even just items from the hotel’s laundry list!

So, sending yourself postcards – sad or wonderful idea?


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