A tourist-watching photo session at St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Last week, I went down to Central London hoping to visit St Paul’s cathedral’s Upper Gallery. I had not expected I would be denied entrance – something about tickets being sold out or so. Very typical of London, the city where over-crowdedness and capitalism have killed all spontaneity.

Stranded in front of the Cathedral, I decided to stay a bit and hang out there. And soon realised that tourists were hugely interesting to observe – and this is how my visit turned into an amusing photo session.

Of course, many tourists pose in front of the landmarks, something I talked about in a previous post about off-season travelling.
Actually posing is kind of something of the past. Nowadays it’s all about selfies…
selfie stick 1
Selfie sticks are increasingly popular amongst tourists…
selfie stick 2
selfie stick 3
More of the selfie stick kind.
grimace 1
I like people’s facial expressions when concentrated to make the perfect shot.

grimace 2

high 1
Of course, the monument is so big that tourists need to look up to try and shoot it.

high 2


high 3


high 4


high 5


high 6


high 7
The shorter you are, the higher you need to look!
ice cream
This lady didn’t care about what happened around and just enjoyed her ice cream, while her companion was shooting her.
squat 1
Those with a bit of photography skills realize that the perspective would be better if they lift their lens down, resulting in the most funny positions explored in search of the perfect shot.

squat 2


squat 3


squat 4


squat 5


And of course, I could not finish this session without my own selfie with the cathedral!

St Paul’s cathedral and me

This post is my contribution to Kama’s Monthly Travel Challenge for June. The briefing this month was to discover some place of your own region that you’ve always wanted to visit but didn’t yet. I recognize that my attempt was a failure given I did not manage to visit the cathedral’s Upper Gallery. It was a good session though!


3 thoughts on “A tourist-watching photo session at St Paul’s Cathedral, London

  1. Hello. I’m sorry to hear that the tickets were sold out. The place doesn’t have to be “I wanted to see it for years” – any new place to you is fine. Maybe a new restaurant, a new club? June is not over yet, so you can still visit another place or try your luck again. 😉


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