The Friday photo – The London skyline

To finish every week travel-inspired, I tell you every Friday about one of the photos of my blog’s header.



I haven’t been travelling for 3 weeks now (how dreadful I know! – luckily I will be going away again in a week time!) which means that I have had a bit of time to enjoy this spring in London.

One of the things I haven’t yet managed to get used to is the incredible skyline that can be admired along the river Thames. Two weeks ago I had a little trip on a boat for the first time; and every time I cross a bridge I cannot help but have a glance at the impressive view – even when I am driving!

Last weekend though, I was walking on the Golden Jubilee bridge and this was a great opportunity to take a little photo.

I have been living in London for 15 months now but, except the occasional gigs I have described, such as the one of the Jewish Monkeys, I haven’t written about it. I need to do more of that!


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