The Monday travel song: Në Shtëpinë Tonë by Vaçe Zela

I propose to start every new week with a song that takes us somewhere in the world.

This week, my Monday morning playlist takes us to Albania, where I have just spent a fantastic long weekend, with Në Shtëpinë Tonë by Vaçe Zela.

Vaçe Zela was an Albanian singer who passed away last year after a long, successful career in Albania and beyond, that culminated during the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha.

One of her songs, Në Shtëpinë Tonë, has been featured in a film of the same name and is an ode to the family values that are so fundamental in Albania.

An overview of the lyrics:

Shtepia jone plot me diell, plot me ngrohtesine
ne dimer e ne pranvere kemi kaltersine
dritarja jone hapur rri per ty dite e re
per dashurine e njer’zve tane te mire

I duam ne njer’zit t’i kemi gjimon’ prane
shtepia e jone e bardhe, e bardhe
i rritim femijet me drite e me djerse
me dashurine per njer’zit tane te mire


Our home full of sun, full of warm
in winter and spring we enjoy azure
our window stays opened for you new day
for the love of our good people

We want our people always to be around us
our home white, so white
we raise our children with light and sweat
with love for our good people

Have a great week!


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