The Friday photo – All to Stalingrad!

To finish every week travel-inspired, I tell you every Friday about one of the photos of my blog’s header.


This week, I’ve selected a photo taken in May 2012 in Volgograd (current day name of Stalingrad). It is a tank from the Second World War where it is written with white letters: to Stalingrad!

The 9th of May this year, Putin’s big propaganda machine will use historical facts that have nothing to do with the current world to justify the legitimacy of its current imperialism.

In a previous post where I analyse the definition of propaganda, I have already talked about why Russia is distorting history and keeps celebrating the end of WWII as a Russian victory for propaganda. This year, things will take new proportions, not only because it is the 70th anniversary but also because Putin needs legitimacy for whatever he’s doing in Ukraine.

This means we can expect a nauseous proliferation of patriotic symbols and gadgets in Russia over the coming weeks, recycling ideas from the past and just replacing the word ‘Soviet’ by ‘Russian’ everywhere, as if it were nothing. KGB-style propaganda to support a KGB-style leader. History in the making!


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