The Friday photo – A fennec in Mauritania

To finish every week travel-inspired, I tell you every Friday about one of the photos of my blog’s header.


This week, I’ve selected a photo taken in December 2007 in Mauritania. You can see a fennec chilling in the shadow under a chair.

Fennec foxes live in the Sahara desert and are wild animals; but this one had been adopted by a family running a guesthouse in Nouakchott, the Mauritanian capital. The fennec was still a little wild though, and difficult to approach. Hence my joy when I managed to take this photo!

Interested in more Mauritania stories? Click on my Mauritania tag, get to know the four camels that accompanied me during a trip in the Sahara desert or read about the incredible journey on board the iron-ore train in Mauritania!


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