The Monday travel song: The GDR’s Song of the Party (East Germany propaganda)

I propose to start every new week with a song that takes us somewhere in the world.

For this week, I have selected Die Partei hat immer recht, East Germany’s party propaganda song..

I spent the past weekend in Berlin, a city where I go at least once every year and never bother to visit completely – as every time I am back there, it has changed anyway.

So during each of my stays, I add one museum or sight, not more, to my checked list, and this time it was the DDR museum: a sort of modern, multimedia-based therefore mass tourist-friendly, version of the cute little Museum of Daily Life in the GDR of Eisenhuettenstadt that I visited in 2002.

This new dive into the history of East Germany reminded me of this propaganda song.

The lyrics of the chorus:

Die Partei, die Partei, die hat immer Recht!
Und, Genossen, es bleibe dabei;
Denn wer kämpft für das Recht,
Der hat immer recht.
Gegen Lüge und Ausbeuterei.
Wer das Leben beleidigt,
Ist dumm oder schlecht.
Wer die Menschheit verteidigt,
Hat immer recht.
So, aus Leninschem Geist,
Wächst, von Stalin geschweißt,
Die Partei – die Partei – die Partei.

Translation into English (borrowed from here)

The Party, The Party is always right
And comrade, may it ever be so;
For who fights for the right
He is always right
Against lies and exploitation
[women] Whoever insults life
is stupid or bad
Whoever defends humanity
Is always right
Grown from the spirit of Lenin
Welded by Stalin
The party – the party – the party

Have a great week!


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