The Friday photo – My four camels in the Sahara

To finish every week travel-inspired, I tell you every Friday about one of the photos of my blog’s header.


This week, I’ve selected a photo taken in December 2007 in Mauritania. It shows a camel having some rest after a long day hiking in the desert.

We walked for four days in the desert around Atar, an incredible region where pretty much all types of desert landscapes can be seen in just a few days walk.

We had four camels with us, to all of which we gave nicknames

  • Oreilles de Coton had very cute white cotton fur ears
mauritanie 138 - meharee - oreilles de coton head
Oreilles de Coton


mauritanie 129 - meharee - joey starr
Joey Starr


  • Mijn Favoriet was my Dutch travel companion’s favourite, as you will have understood from the name if you’re not too hermetic to Dutch language
mauritanie 109 - meharee - mijn favoriet
Mijn Favoriet, posing for the photo.


  • Chewbacca was obviously named after the noises he made, and he is the one we can see on the header photo
mauritanie 108 - meharee - chewbaka
Chewbacca, silent for a minute.


Interested in more Mauritania stories? Click on my Mauritania tag, or read about the incredible journey on board the iron-ore train in Mauritania!


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