Travel theme: Transformation of Warsaw

This week, Ailsa‘s photo challenge theme is Transformation. This weekend, I happen to be in Warsaw, capital of Poland, in a business hotel (the Marriott) which is one of the tallest skyscrapers of the city.

I’m sleeping on the 25th floor and woke up with a fantastic view this morning. The photo is not the best with framing and window-glazing constraints, but I did what I could. Warsaw transformation The right hand side’s window shows the Palace of Culture and Science, a Sovietic-style building offered by Stalin in 1955 to the people of Poland – one of the tallest European buildings.

Poland has always hated the building, as a ‘Soviet gift’, and only recently started to recognize its cultural and touristic interest.

The left hand side’s window shows the big modern towers that can be seen around the train central station.

Marriott’s tower, where I stayed for this trip, was built in 1989. It hosted people like Michael Jackson in the nineties.

Long stuck in the East, Warsaw has transformed along the West and is now pretty central in Europe!

3 thoughts on “Travel theme: Transformation of Warsaw

  1. Warsaw is getting more spectacular every year. I got the pleasure to live there for half an year starting by October ’15. The transformation will obviously go on and seeing it in person will be even more amazing. Thanks for the great picture! 🙂

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