The Friday photo – Yazd, beautiful desert town in Iran

To finish every week travel-inspired, I tell you every Friday about one of the photos of my blog’s header.


This week, I’ve selected a photo taken in September 2013 in Iran. It is a roof landscape of the city Yazd.

Built in the middle of a desert, Yazd is architecturally unique. You can wander, by extremely high temperature, in narrow streets surrounded by palaces made of adobe. Look up too, as there are fascinating blue mosaics minarets.

In Yazd, as we were trying to find a way to climb up on some roofs to get a view of the skyline, we stumbled across an incredible individual. Guard by profession, with an Elvis-like haircut, he happened to have the keys of dozens of palaces, as well as a bit of free time. He decided spontaneously to take us on a tour, jumping from palace roof to palace roof, and offering us pistachios to nibble every couple of minutes.

I love this photo because of the incredible roof landscape, and also because I know that it is thanks to a friendly Iranian Elvis that I got to take it.

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