The Liebster award: a pat on my blog’s shoulder

As every subculture, the world of blogging has its own codes. One of them to encourage each other to keep up the good work, and that’s what the Liebster award is about.

A fellow blogger, Kristyna who is Czech and also lives in the UK, writes a blog about travelling and food, and has a fantastic photo of cheeses in one of her headers, has decided that I deserved this award – and I want to thank her for that.

I’ll be a good blogger and maintain the chain by playing the rules. These rules command that I answer a number of questions, then nominate other blogs and ask them a set of questions, too.


Do you have a camera? Which type?

I do, and I have a love-hate relationship with my Nikon Coolpix. It’s been everywhere with me and usually does the job – but it also ditched me on several occasions, including at the Aral sea in Uzbekistan. I wasn’t happy those days.

Which function of the camera would you like to learn to master?

I tend to like photos with a strong contrast and/or saturation. I would love to be able to control the results better. Today I only use the Auto function.

How often do you cook at home?

Everyday that I eat at home, I cook from scratch. I do enjoy cooking.

Which food/dish you tasted and you know you will never put it in your mouth again?

A piece of grilled meat fat, in Uzbekistan. I am vegetarian and never eat meat; but on certain occasions when travelling I taste a tiny little piece, just to say ‘I did it‘. Uzbeks are crazy about grilled fat so I did it. But no more of that, please.

What do you prefer? Steak of your choice or a pile of something sweet of your choice?

Actually I prefer cheese.

When was the last time you cooked something you never cooked before?

Everyday. I never do things twice the same way in my life. Today I cooked a broccoli soup and suddenly had the idea to add some lentils and cumin in it. Every broccoli soup I will make in my life will taste differently.

When was the last time you got lost?

Everyday as well. I am handicapped when it comes to spatial orientation. In my daily life, when mobility needs to be efficient, I cannot survive without a Sat Nav. When travelling, on the contrary, I do enjoy getting lost a little bit.

What do you think is more beautiful, midnight sun or northern lights?

Despite several attempts, I still have never seen Northern lights. So I will tell you once that will be done.

Which place you visited you liked best?

I have a blog post about that: Russian Siberia and Far-East, Uzbekistan, and Iran. This is my most successful post so far (in terms of number of views).

Which place you´d visit if you had unlimited time/money?

The world!


I nominate 5 other bloggers, who like me still have less than 100 followers:

I liked the questions I received, so I will keep the same.

Reminder: The Liebster Award Rules

  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers (I did 5), who have less than 100 followers and link them.
  • Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  • Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

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