Fuck you, hey terrorist. I won’t play your terror game.

Hey terrorist, I know why you did this today at Charlie Hebdo’s. But I won’t do the things you expect me to do: I want you to understand that you didn’t win, so you won’t be tempted to do this ever again.

You want to terrorise me. I get it. It’s a war you think you are playing against me; but you don’t understand that you are alone in this bloody game. I won’t play it.

You want me to be shocked. You want me to be sad and cry and mourn. You want me to feel desperate. You want me to hate you – because it helps your propaganda. You also want me to hate you – because you expect if I fear you, I will obey you.

But that’s not what I want. I don’t want to cry and feel sad. I certainly don’t want to hate anyone. And, for sure, I want us both to be free to have the completely opposite beliefs as we have.

Of course when the events happened this morning, you did manage to upset me. I was shocked and I expressed it. I am sad for the victims and their family, and I understand the French government has decided tomorrow will be national mourning day. But I don’t think that’s what we should do.

I won’t do all these things you expect me to do.

Tomorrow morning when I wake up, I will be joyful. I will wear a spring dress – yes a spring dress, even if I’m cold, I don’t care, I will wear this flowery happy spring dress. I will drive to work listening to pop music, very loud, and I will sing my head off. I will work the whole day, hard, as usually, as nothing was different.

In the evening, I will go and dance. I will dance swing, which is so much fun, I will spin and spin and spin and grin from ear to ear.

And I will not forget my mission. If I don’t come home to late, I will spend some time on the Internet and try and find plane tickets. I will buy tickets for a trip in any country with a Muslim population – whatever I find in my budget – I will explore the humanity in there and tell about it on my blog.

I will demonstrate that you have not completed your mission. I don’t care what creepy mission you believe you have – my own mission is to discover the people and tell the world how human we all are. Maybe they’ll be warm and beautiful; maybe they’ll be ugly and stupid; that’s exactly what will make them human.

Because politics is just politics, and religion is politics. But we are all humans.

And finally I will keep looking at this compilation of the worse caricatures from the cartoonists you murdered:

Fuck you, hey terrorist. You keep trying, but you are losing both your time and our blood. I won’t play your terror game. So don’t be tempted to do that every again.


PS: For this blog post I have followed the instructions of the Blogging 101 course assignment that required me to publish a post to someone in particular I hoped would read it, and to add a new kind of (embedded) element. Job completed.


3 thoughts on “Fuck you, hey terrorist. I won’t play your terror game.

  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    I live in New York City. I watched the towers fall. I walked down the street passed by people covered in white powder. I also visited the pools at Ground Zero that show hope. I watched my city rise again. Fuck you terrorists you didn’t win here either. Our city rose again more vibrant and resolute than ever. Excellent posr.

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