R.I.P. crazy cartoonists

Someone who writes a blog about making the world a better place could not ignore what happened in my native country today.

I have never been a loyal reader of Charlie Hebdo because I don’t live in France, because I am not loyal to any paper and because I would not read a whole paper of this political uncompromising view anyway.

But I love cartoons in newspapers. I always read the ones I come across. French magazine Courrier International collects those from the whole world for me; and whenever I am in France I never miss to have a quick look at those I see in kiosks when waiting for a train, or when I visit some of my friends who keep these funny reads in their toilet (come on, I’m sure you do the same).

And why I love cartoons, it’s because I love when serious things are discussed with humour (as I explained for example after my visit of the Soviet Bunker in Lithuania).

Long story made short: as nearly everyone in France, I am devastated by the loss of almost all talented cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo during a massacre this morning. Names that I grew up with, that are like institutions for many of us.

One of them, Charb, who had been threatened already because of his caricatures of and provocations to fundamentalist terrorists but refused to stop publishing them, once said that he preferred to die standing than to live on his knees.

Just before being killed, he published this cartoon that says “Still no terrorist attack in France?”; underneath is a caricatured terrorist answering “Wait! The deadline for presenting your best wishes is end January!”.


Strange and sad prophecy.


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